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Do you live next to an STR?

There are over 616 "unhosted" short term rentals in Long Beach - meaning that there is no one there to supervise what's going on - there are another 200+ "hosted" STRs - where the owner of property must legally live on premises.     Click this link to get to the scrollable, searchable map:

Short-Term Rentals (STRs) ( - Click on Concerns/Complaints

Remember, the City of Long Beach purports to:

The City’s regulations of short-term rentals — defined as a home, or portion of a home, rented to paying guests for short stays (30 consecutive days or less)  — are designed to:

  1. Ensure that such short-term rental activities do not become a nuisance, or threaten the public health, safety or welfare of neighboring properties.

  2. Safeguard the residents of Long Beach by ensuring that short-term rental activities do not threaten the character of residential neighborhoods.


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